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Client Solutions

RB - Reckitt

The Challenge

RB is home to a host of recognizable brands such as Dettol, Durex and Nurofen. But the leadership team wanted to build trust in its parent brand, demonstrating its powerful purpose to attract talent and grow its reputation.

The Solution

As part of the Connected Leaders programme, we focussed on increasing the visibility and credibility of key leaders, hiring managers and experts within RB. We worked with senior leaders to update their social profiles, creating plans and content strategies to grow their networks. We audited each leader’s profile, and designed a meaningful, attainable action plan for each. Helping them make key updates to their profiles, arming them with the right tools to network, and share content effectively.

The Results

The results for the programme vary across individual leaders, however without fail, each leader demonstrated.

  • An increase in daily profile visits
  • An increase in meaningful network connections (peers, industry experts, potential candidates)
  • An increase in content engagement
  • An increase in personal LinkedIn endorsements
  • An improvement in SSI scores (LinkedIn’s metric for platform influence)

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